PFCJ in Chile!

Last December, Ana María García Cegarra, gave a environmental education workshop to 1st-grade high-school students from the Liceo B-13 in Antofagasta, Chile. She gave a short presentation followed by a hands-on session where they played our brand-new Peruvian Food Chain Jenga in Spanish! Students love the game and Ana María is eager to use it again in the future.

Ana María is an awesome whale researcher that works in Chile and Peru, and she is a PhD candidate in the Applied Science-Marine Coastal Ecosystems program at the Universidad de Antofagasta. Thank you to Ana Maria for inspiring young students and for choosing our tool! 🙂

Love otters?

Love otters and want to know more from them? Nicole Duplaix, chair of the IUCN-SSC Otter Specialist Group, and Margherita Bandini, Media and Publishing Officer for the IUCN-SSC Otter Specialist Group, have created the book and website We Love Otters.
Go to We Love Otters and download their beautiful book, with exceptional photos of all 13 otter species, and testimonials from researchers from around the world. The book includes a testimonial from the marine otter (Lontra felina) Peruvian researcher Dr. Juan Valqui. This book will inspire and motivate people to love and help protect these fascinating animals.

Welcome to Action for the Ocean!

The Action for the Ocean – Marine Conservation Kit is an educational tool developed with the support of the TCU Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education. The activities of the Marine Conservation Kit follow the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and can be used in classrooms during the introduction of a new lesson or as a reinforcement activity.

We want to develop an understanding of the marine environment and its importance, through scientific thinking. Students are going to be encouraged to explore current environmental issues and look for ways to address these problems. Action for the Ocean aims to inspire young students to make informed decisions, creating future responsible citizens.